Tandem harmony is the source of your result

The translating and image copywriting agency POLYGLOT was created by VILLA in GR (RHETOR group) with the purpose of handling the increase of business processes and related documentation and according to the requirements of the business community of Greece and other countries. High quality information and marketing support ensure growth and profitability to any company.

Polyglot specializes in document translation services with various degrees of specialty and complexity, as well as their legal certification.

Another specialty of our company is image copywriting and on-going business support such as web site contents, SMS and email copywriting, development of promotional and marketing materials, articles etc. Our goal is to boost the image of the client (company) and increase the brand awareness of the product/services amongst the consumers.

POLYGLOT is an official partner of VILLA in GR and a great contributor to your success.

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Senior Manager

Julia’s mentors predicted scientific or musical future for her. But the professional passion for the music and dedication to work at research center as well success at the all-Russian music tournaments have remained in pleasant memories and become the basis for further professional successes.

Spiritual and professional harmony is the key to the upward movement

Julia graduated from the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, faculty of philosophy, majoring in sociolinguistics. Having received a world class education Julia excelled as a tv presenter and an anchor in the city of Yekaterinburg, and later have been scouted as an executive assistant at the Swiss insurance company. She has extensive experience in journalism and editorial work cooperating with companies from Russia, UAE, Greece and others. Being ambitious and energetic got Julia where she is now.



Official documents

Passport, birth/marriage certificate, University diploma, high school diploma/ graduation certificate, financial documents

Legal texts

Contracts, agreements, references articles of incorporation

Medical texts

Medical exams, diagnostic tests, researches

Curriculum vitae (CV)

Resume, certificates, letters of recommendation

Literary texts

Journalistic articles, literary works


Presentations and web pages


At the request of the client, all translations can be certified by a lawyer



Image is the reputation of your success

Image copywriting  is an art of composing marketing materials.
This type of marketing is gaining popularity and is referred by many to be the most important one. Corporate image creation is a marketing tool to be more competitive on the market. Competition requires a detailed approach to creating unique, recognizable image in order to retain the existing and gain new clientele.

Marketing materials help connecting the consumers and the company. Therefore, the quality of the marketing materials is crucial in the client-company relationship. Our goal is to meet our clients’ expectations by motivate and convert the potential customers into lon-term loyal clientele while maintaining the image of uniqueness and success.

POLYGLOT offers services to create an individual and unique image of your business by website content-filling, SMS and email copywriting, developing marketing and promotional materials, mass and custom emails, comparison and research articles, etc. to ensure that the best outcome and the highest return!

Translation and image copywriting agency POLYGLOT is a member of RHETOR GROUP.

«Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success».




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+30 2316 009 006 / +30 699 523 12 55

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Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
Saturday-Sunday: closed

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10 Mitropoleos,
P.C. 54625, Thessaloniki, Greece